On-line Employment Applications and Website Accessibility



Tuesday - September 27, 2011


1.5 hours


  • Dr. Jonathan Lazar
    Professor of Computer and Information Sciences
    Director, Undergraduate Program in Information Systems
    Director, Universal Usability Laboratory
    Towson University


  • Pam Williamson
    Project Director, Southeast ADA Center,
    Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University - Atlanta Office


In anticipation of an economic recovery, employers will be seeking more employees. Nearly all employers require applicants to submit for job applications online. Yet, many of the online application processes are believed to be inaccessible. Either the application forms, or the skills assessment, or the submission of electronic materials, or some combination thereof, are technically inaccessible to users with disabilities using assistive technologies such as screen readers. Learn how to make your online applications fully accessible to a valuable talent pool.

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