Creating a Model with Business: Common Sense Approaches to Access and Accommodations



Thursday - June 16, 2011


1.5 hours


  • John Evans
    Business and Employer Relations Manager, Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation


  • Kathy West-Evans
    Business Relations Director, Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
    – National Employment Team (CSAVR-NET)


“Seven Steps To Reasonable Accommodation” is a suggested process designed to help human resource consultants and other business representatives address the interactive and individualized assessment requirements of reasonable accommodation. This presentation will address seven key areas for delivering reasonable accommodation to applicants and employees with disabilities in the work place:

  1. purpose, criteria and methods for posting notification;
  2. information needed to process an accommodation request;
  3. the definition of disability, determining eligibility, and confidential records keeping;
  4. analyzing the job or situation involved;
  5. consulting the individual with disability to ascertain the disability related employment barrier;
  6. identifying reasonable accommodation options to enable job performance;
  7. considering the individuals preference and examining accommodations for effectiveness.

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“Seven Steps to Reasonable Accommodation - Overview”

“Seven Steps to Reasonable Accommodation”