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Memphis International Airport and Tech Company Helping Vision-Impaired Passengers

November 2, 2017

Memphis International Airport is partnering with a tech company to make it easier for blind or low-vision passengers to get around the terminal.

The airport is partnering with Aira for a program that connects the visually impaired with professional agents. The agents act as visual interpreters and give real-time directions through wearable glasses or the Aira app through the traveler's phone camera.

The Memphis airport will be the first in the world to offer these services for free while travelers are at the airport.

“So this, really, from a cost savings is one thing, but I think from a customer experience and passenger experience to independently navigate through the airport is incredible,” says Aira Vice President Kevin Phelan.

Usually, Aira provides these services when customers purchase minutes, similar to that of a cell phone plan.

The service also assists with flight information, locating and identifying baggage, and arranging transportation.

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