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Disability Connection Celebrates Playground in Gulfport

April 28, 2017
Source: (Mississippi)

Five years ago, Disability Connection celebrated the building of a special needs playground at Bruce Ladner Memorial Park in Gulfport [Mississippi].

“Its a community playground that is totally accessible for people with disabilities, people in wheel chairs, so that they can play; whether they [are] an adult with children, or a child,” said Janie OKeefe, executive director of Disability Connection.

Volunteers gather for a special event at the park each year, with dozens pitching in to spruce up the special playground.

“I [am] out here mulching, putting the mulch, spreading it out on the ground,” said John Hesler, “Its hard work, but we [are] going to get it done.”

Those who use the park say its certainly worth maintaining.

“Its for the kids to get out and have fun and we can get out of the center that we [are] at, Brandys Hope. We can get out and meet new people, and have fun, and do things that we need to do to help the community,” said Hesler.

Thursday was a perfect day for the clean-up crews. Along with all the hard work, theres also time to have fun. Disability Connection provides more than just playgrounds. The group is an ongoing advocate for helping [people with disabilities] live and enjoy life.

“Get people connected to the community, whatever that is that somebody needs that will help enable them to do all the things we all enjoy, we [are] there to help,” said OKeefe.

The community playground is located at Bruce Ladner Memorial Park, off Highway 53, just a few miles west of Highway 49 in Gulfport.

[Note: The online story includes a video (1:57 minutes) with no captions.]

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