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Emergency Planning in a Winter Storm for Persons with Disabilities During a Pandemic

February 17, 2021
Source: Fun 4 the Disabled

This newsletter was prepared in honor of two of my close friends, Renee and Frances, who are stuck in Texas during a power outage/water shortage/pipe freeze/food shortage/pandemic.

For all of you who are trying to battle these conditions, and for those of you who have loved ones who are in the thick of it, here are a bunch of tips I’ve found from FEMA, CDC, and other experts. This newsletter has got a lot of information in it, but it’s broken into three parts:

  • Disaster planning when you’re disabled during COVID-19
  • Emergency preparing for power outages, water shortages, and freezing and bursting pipes
  • Protecting yourself during power outages

Please share this information [Link to full article] with your friends and neighbors. [Web:]

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