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  • “The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) marked a milestone in our Nation's quest to guarantee the civil rights of all citizens. The ADA is a success story that has strengthened the foundation for an America where we celebrate the talents and abilities of every person.”
    2004 Anniversary of the ADA Proclamation

  • “My administration continues to work with states to ensure full implementation of the Supreme Court's Olmstead decision. That decision rightly mandates that individuals with disabilities who can receive support and treatment in a community setting should be given an opportunity to live close to their families and friends whenever possible. People with disabilities now have more freedom to do productive work and live independent lives. We're making good progress toward ensuring that persons with disabilities know the American Dream is meant for them. With changes in old ways of thinking, the development of new technologies, and the federal government's firm commitment to equality, more and more people with disabilities continue to become full participants in the American life.”

    Weekly Radio Address of the President
    July 26, 2003

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