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Pelosi, Nancy

“Nearly 18 years ago, with the enactment of the ADA, this nation committed to removing barriers that had too long denied Americans with disabilities full and equal access to all aspects of American society - in our businesses, schools, communities, and government. Since that time, the ADA has played a vital role in transforming society's attitudes toward individuals with disabilities and has advanced our nation's fundamental calling to respect each individual. The ADA's promise remains unfulfilled because of court rulings that wrongly ignored the intent of Congress. Courts have narrowed the definition of 'disability' to preclude those individuals who undertake mitigating measures such as hearing aids or medications. Today, Congress is restoring the law's intent and its broad protections. By strengthening the ADA, we bring our nation closer to the ideals of equality and opportunity that are both our heritage and our hope.”

Statement by Speaker Nancy Pelosi
following passage of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008
June 25, 2008

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