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News for Researchers

Participate in the Survey about Decision-Making

August 19, 2015
Source: National Resource Center on Supported Decision-Making

The National Resource Center for Supported Decision-Making is conducting a short survey about.

  1. Ways that people get help from family, friends, and other people to make decisions.
  2. How parents, friends, service providers, or others help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities make everyday decisions, informally or formally.

Questions to think about:

  1. Do you use supported decision-making?
  2. Do you get help making decisions, choosing what to do, or choosing where to live or work?
  3. Are you a supported decision-maker?

You may take the short survey about supported decision-making at

If you want to take this survey by phone or have a paper copy mailed to you, contact Celestia Ohrazda at

If you have questions about the study, contact Dr. Meera Adya at the Burton Blatt Institute at 315-443-2863 or†

If you have questions or problems about participating in this study that you donít want to ask Dr. Adya, contact the Syracuse University Institutional Review Board at 315-443-3013 or

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