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Hattiesburg Adds Public Wheelchair Charging Stations

September 30, 2019
Source: WDAM News (Mississippi)

[Note: This article is a transcript of the online news video.]

Back in March, Kaity Grenn commented on a City of Hattiesburg Facebook post asking for electric wheelchair chargers in public spaces.

Kaity said she enjoyed going to events, but sometimes her wheelchair battery would get low on charge.

Mayor Toby Barker saw the comment and decided the city needed to do something about it. On Thursday, Hattiesburg unveiled a public charging station in Kaity’s honor.

This is one of nine around the city at various public locations.

“Well, it’s a reminder that if government will slow down long enough to listen to every voice in the room, even the ones not the loudest, great things can happen," Barker said. “Kaity Grenn, always saw her at Live at Five and this was one thing she thought the city needed and she was absolutely right.”

Unfortunately, Kaity was not able to see her effort come to fruition as she passed in July. But her family is happy to see the charging station she worked so hard for completed.

“There’s been lots of people that I’ve talked to that they’ve actually had to leave early because they wanted to stay longer, but their battery percentage was just not going to allow them to stay," said Kaity’s husband, Brian Springer. “And there was no where that they could charge, but now there’s a charging station in her name. We can charge and stay longer.”

Kaity’s mother, Lee Roblin, said Kaity would be very happy to see these charging stations go up.

“She was a fighter, she loved life, she always was on the go. The park, the zoos, wherever. She just loved being out and about,” said Roblin.

The city has placed these stations at five park locations and four convention commission facilities.

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