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New Video: Employment Accommodations Explained

August 20, 2019
Source: Disability Rights Florida

Everyone utilizes different techniques and supports to make them successful at work. For people with disabilities, using reasonable accommodations can help do just that. Reasonable accommodations are changes in the environment or the ways things are done, in order to enable someone with a disability to enjoy equal opportunities to work. Required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act, reasonable work accommodations are devised to make the work environment as accessible as possible. Historically, people with disabilities have been excluded from competitive work environments and kept in sheltered workshops where they make subminimum wages. However, there has been a push to phase out segregated work environments and subminimum wages in recent years. Including people with disabilities in competitive, integrated workplaces opens the door for different perspectives, creative solutions, and great work.

The person with the disability is the expert on what they need and can come up with solutions with their employer to create an inclusive and accessible workspace. Examples of individualized reasonable accommodations could be a screen-reader, different break times or work hours, interpreters, etc. Additionally, cost should not deter employers from providing accommodations for people with disabilities. According to the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), 59% of accommodations cost nothing to the employer. If an accommodation does cost money employers are frequently provided tax credits and other incentives. Inclusive employment truly benefits all involved.

In partnership with Rooted in Rights, Disability Rights Florida presents a video sharing the opportunities of accessible employment and how to advocate for accommodations that will make you excel.

Video: Employment Accommodations Explained (Closed captioned, 4:00 minutes)

Watch other closed captioned videos on DisabilityRightsFL YouTube channel. Topics: Olmstead Decision Explained; Mental Health Stigmas Explained; Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Explained, and more.

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