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ADA National Network Creates Service Animal Resource Hub

July 30, 2019
Source: ADA National Network

The topic of service animals and the law is complex. The ADA National Network created a resource page, or hub, to help provide some answers. It is broken up into nine different sections covering specific issues related to service animals.

Most of this information was developed from existing materials, including factsheets and handbooks, published by the ADA National Network on

All of the information provided is specific to either the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or other federal laws. Some states may have laws that expand the definition of a service animal and the rights of individuals with disabilities. Michigan State University has developed a comprehensive state-by-state guide about different state laws related to service animals.

Topics covered on the Service Animal hub include:

  • Service Animal Basics
  • Taking a Service Animal to Work
  • Traveling With a Service Animal
  • Living with a Service Animal
  • Taking a Service Animal to School
  • Service Animals in Emergency Situations
  • Service Animal or Emotional Support Animal?
  • Service Animals and Small Business
  • Service Animal Misconceptions

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