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LEAD Center Issues Two New Briefs on Customized Employment

June 12, 2019
Source: LEAD Center

The LEAD Center began its work in 2012, initiating an array of innovative projects related to Customized Employment (CE) in multiple states. This included a focus on supporting leadership by state governments and on implementation of pilots throughout the country with different populations and partners.<\p>

As part of this initiative, LEAD Center offered technical assistance to state governments focused on state-level interagency collaboration around the implementation of best practices for supporting Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) of people with disabilities, with a priority on Customized Employment. Read about LEAD Center’s activities, outcomes and lessons learned in a brief by Lisa Mills, Subject Matter Expert for LEAD Center, on Advancing Competitive Integrated Employment for Persons with Disabilities: Tips and Lessons Learned for State Government Leaders Interested in Promoting Gainful Employment as a Public Policy Goal. <\p>

We also encourage you to read Implementing Customized Employment, Guided Group Discovery and Self-Guided Discovery in a Variety of Settings and with a Variety of Partners. LEAD Center supported Customized Employment pilots across multiple states with multiple systems to create employment opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities. Through this work and numerous pilots, LEAD Center staff created effective user-friendly materials and processes, based on the feedback received from partners in the workforce, vocational rehabilitation, developmental disabilities, behavioral health, schools, Veterans services, juvenile and adult corrections programs, Centers for Independent Living, community colleges, and other systems. In this brief, LEAD Center staff offer a description of the pilots, materials that were developed, outcomes, lessons learned, and links to extensive resources. <\p>

Read and share both briefs to assist your programs in advancing Customized Employment and Competitive Integrated Employment Outcomes for youth and adults with disabilities. <\p>

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