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Disability Guide for Voting Encourages and Educates Community for Upcoming Midterm Elections

October 31, 2018
Source: Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities

Of the more than one million people with disabilities in Georgia, 652,000 of those are of voting age. As part of its The Disability Vote Counts campaign, the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) has released a guide for voting for people with disabilities in Georgia to inform them as they participate in one of their most important civic duties on November 6, 2018.

The guide highlights many aspects of the voting process, including voter eligibility, assistance, assistive technology accommodations and how to read the ballot.

“Being as knowledgeable as possible on where the candidates stand on key disability issues is important for all voters, including voters with disabilities,” said Eric Jacobson, executive director of GCDD.

“Additionally, we want to provide the disability community insights on the entire process, help answer their questions and ensure a successful voting experience.”

Election information includes the candidates and policies in statewide races for Governor and Lieutenant Governor to Commissioner of Labor and Public Service Commissioners. Races for County or City Boards of Education, Georgia Senate and State Representatives, Mayor and others are also emphasized.

Voters are also encouraged to research and review special ballot items like proposed constitutional amendments or statewide referendum and other special elections, if applicable.

Dawn Alford, GCDD Public Policy Director, said, “Whether you’re using an absentee ballot, voting early, voting by mail, or if you’re going on election day, we want to provide information needed to make the voting process easy and convenient.” She added, “This voting guide will help do just that.”

GCDD does not endorse any candidate and any information relayed in the guide only encompasses a small piece of a larger political platform.

Read GCDD’s Disability Voting Guide and learn more about the candidates and issues.

For more on the 2018 Midterm Elections and the disability vote, read the fall edition of GCDD’s Making a Difference magazine.

More information for Georgia voters with disabilities

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