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Law Enforcement Continue to Ticket Disabled Parking Violators, Even on Private Property

April 13, 2015
Source:, SC

[Television news station] 7 On Your Side is answering your questions after you asked us if law enforcement can ticket a disabled parking violator on private property. The answer is they can and they do.

Diana Collier was one of many viewers contacting us because theyd heard law enforcement would not give out tickets to drivers who violated parking laws for people with disabilities. Collier said she was at the hair salon and she said the owner of the business did not want to ticket customers or ask them to park in correct spots.

Collier said she noticed the vehicles did not have the proper placards or license plate and she called Greenville Police. She told 7 On Your Side, officers did not ticket the drivers.

We asked Greenville Police spokesperson Jonathan Bragg who pointed us to the city ordinance that does allow officers to ticket on private property, but he said they dont always have to.

Bragg said many times a business owner does not know what type of credential to look for on a vehicle that is allowed to park in a parking space for someone with a disability. He said sometimes educating the business or driver can prevent a future violation better than a fine.

The ADA and federal government require businesses to have designated handicapped spots but they leave enforcement laws up to the local municipalities or the state.

View the [South Carolina] state law at

[Note: The online news story includes a video with captions.]

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