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Justice Department Announces 15th Anniversary of Olmstead Decision Video Compilation

September 12, 2014
Source: U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

The 15th Anniversary of Olmstead video compilation is a DOJ/HHS tribute to the dedicated and brave individuals who have brought to life the Olmstead decisions promise of community integration for people with disabilities. The video features images and live interviews from disability rights advocates, including Sue Jamieson, the lead attorney in the Olmstead case, and people with disabilities who live independently and fully participate in their communities. The advocates whose stories are featured in the film -- Melissa Taylor, Ricardo Thornton, Justin Duvall, Sharon Ledford, and Stefon and Shareen Young-Chavez -- all reside in the [Washington,] DC Metro area and participate in their communities.

The film also features statements from Secretary of Labor Tom Perez and Associate Attorney General Tony West, highlighting the Civil Rights Divisions Olmstead enforcement efforts, as well as its ongoing commitment to ensuring that people with disabilities can live and participate in, and contribute to, our communities. Additionally, Voices from the Olmstead Decision, the companion video to The Promise of Olmstead: 15 Years Later, features video clips submitted by individuals with disabilities, their family members, and other stakeholders from across the nation whose lives have been positively impacted by Olmsteads promise of community integration.

Both videos are available on the Olmstead Homepage at http://www/ada/gov/olmstead/index.htm.

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