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Atlanta Brothers Face Disability to Become Ironmen

September 9, 2013
Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA

Story by Craig Lucie

Fueled by the cheering crowd, Brent Pease grabbed his brother Kyle's hand, raised it up and together they became Ironmen.

It took them more than 15 hours to swim, bike and run 140.6 miles and Kyle had a message for Atlanta after finishing.

"Hey Kyle. Atlanta and WSB want to know what it feels like to be an Ironman. You dig it?" asked his friend Michael Kidd.

"Yes!" Kyle answered.

"Do you want to go to Hawaii now?" Kidd asked him.

"Yes! Thank you for all the support Atlanta. We love you! Thank you," Kyle answered.

Six hours later, the two explained how they pushed each other through the grueling race.

"Kyle borrows my legs, but I borrow his spirit. In some ways the races with him are actually easier because there's something else that you're doing it for," said brother Brent Pease about how the two made it through the race.

That other thing they are doing it for is the Kyle Pease Foundation.

Kyle has cerebral palsy and they want to inspire young people with disabilities to compete whether it's a 5K or an Ironman.

Kyle said there is nothing in the world like competing with his brother.

"Oh, that's the best part. Just being out there with him and we're supporting one another, and just being there for him," explained Kyle.

Kyle said sports have changed his life and becoming an Ironman has always been a dream of his.

"It's just opened up so many doors. I'm a really die hard Atlanta Braves and Falcons fan, so even though they lost yesterday it's just opened up so many doors. I never thought while growing up that this dream would become a reality. And to do it with Brent is amazing," said Kyle.

Kyle met Channel 2's Craig Lucie at a Publix store more than a year ago and Kyle approached Lucie because he was wearing Newton Running Shoes. They are a popular shoe brand among triathletes.

He told Lucie how he and his brother Brent, were going to finish an Ironman together one day.

The two kept in touch and one of their friends, Michael Kidd, kept Lucie informed during their race every step of the way. Some of their closest friends at All3Sports in Dunwoody, which is where Brent works, told Channel 2's Jeff Dore they were ecstatic.

"Kyle is a great guy. He is extremely funny. He always comes up for our clinics, and I think him being able to sit through, you know, 15 1/2 hours of an Ironman is pretty commendable," said Mike Regan with All3Sports.

During the 112-mile bike ride, the cut-off time was quickly approaching, but Brent picked up their pace in a headwind.

"Even to make it in before the cut-off for a lot of people is a big deal, not to mention to be pulling your brother and to be cycling with him and pushing him," explained Ian Evans who also works at All3Sports.

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