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Report: Charter schools continue to enroll fewer students with disabilities

June 19, 2012
Source: The New York Times

Charter schools in most states and across the U.S. continue to enroll fewer children with disabilities proportionately than other public schools, a federal report states. Several reasons are cited for the disparities, including the likelihood that students with disabilities are being counseled out of enrolling at charters, where some officials say traditional schools can better meet their needs. "Forgetting about capacity issues and who is technically responsible -- it comes down to: Parents have a right to choose," said Kim Hymes, director of policy and advocacy for the Council for Exceptional Children. "[Charters] are not allowing the parents of students with disabilities to have that choice if they abdicate any role they have in carrying out the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

GAO Probes Charters on Serving Students with Disabilities
Education Week Blog

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