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Bottom Dollars: A Rooted in Rights Original Documentary

October 14, 2016
Source: Rooted in Rights

Bottom Dollars, a Rooted in Rights original documentary, will be screening at locations throughout the country. Bottom Dollars exposes the exploitation of nearly 250,000 people with disabilities in the U.S. that are legally being paid less than the minimum wage, on average, less than two dollars an hour. The documentary calls for the phase out of the unfair practice of sub-minimum wages and sheltered workshops, and offers solutions for fair wages and inclusive employment.

The goal of Bottom Dollars is to empower advocates and policymakers looking at the needs of workers and start focusing on giving workers with disabilities the basic protection of a minimum wage.

The documentary features personal stories and expert interviews with advocates that have been working on improving the employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Expert appearances include the National Disability Rights Networks Senior Disability Advocacy Specialist Cheryl Bates Harris, National Federation of the Blind President Mark Riccobono and Director of Advocacy of the Center for Disability Rights Stephanie Woodward, among others.

A trailer for the film is available for preview at For information on when and where to see the documentary in your area, or to organize your own screening event, visit the Rooted in Rights website at

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