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New Online ABA Complaint Form Available for Public Review

December 18, 2012
Source: U.S. Access Board

The Access Board is planning to launch an online form for filing accessibility complaints under the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) and invites comment from the public on this new website feature.

The ABA, one of the first laws passed by Congress addressing access for people with disabilities, requires that federally funded facilities be accessible according to established standards. The law applies to facilities designed, built or altered with Federal dollars or leased by Federal agencies. The ABA covers a wide range of government buildings, including post offices, social security offices, and Federal office buildings. It also applies to non-Federal buildings that are federally funded, such as schools, transit stations, local courthouses and jails, and public housing.

The Board enforces the accessibility standards of the ABA through the investigation of complaints from the public. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Board opens an investigation to determine whether the facility in question is covered by the ABA and if so, whether it meets the applicable accessibility standards. If a covered facility is not in compliance, the Board will pursue a corrective action plan and monitor the case until all necessary work is completed.

The new online submission form will make it easier and more convenient for the public to file ABA complaints with the Board. It also will improve how the Board monitors and tracks complaints. Members of the public are invited to view and try out the proposed complaint form which is available for comment until February 15. A published notice provides further details, including instructions on submitting feedback. The new form, which replaces an earlier one previously made available on the Board's site, will be launched under procedures that Federal agencies must follow in collecting information from the public.

For further information, contact Lisa Fairhall, the Board's Deputy General Counsel at, (202)272-0046 (voice), (202) 272-0064 or visit the Board's ABA enforcement web page.

Notice of Intent to Seek OMB Approval to Collect Information: On-Line Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Complaint Form

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