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Slide 1 of 6: National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2014 - Expect.Employ.Empower. What can YOU do?Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), U.S. Dept. of Labor -
Slide 2 of 6: Every Vote Counts
Slide 3 of 6: ADA Live! WADA Produced by the Southeast ADA Center, A member of the ADA National Network.
Slide 4 of 6: NEW! ADA Headliner E-Newsletter from the Southeast ADA Center.
Slide 5 of 6: Archived Webinar - eQuality: The Struggle for Web Accessibility by Persons with Cognitive Disabilities. The book of the same name is authored by Peter Blanck - University Professor, BBI Chairman with a forward by David Braddock, commissioned by the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities at the University of Colorado, and published by Cambridge - Disability Law and Policy Series.
Slide 6 of 6: Celebrating 25 Years, 1990-2015, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) -

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  1. What can YOU do? National Disability Employment Awareness Month
  2. Accessible Voting Resources
  3. ADA Live! Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio
  4. NEW! ADA Headliner E-Newsletter
  5. eQuality Archived Webinar by Peter Blanck
  6. ADA 25th Anniversary

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