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National ADA Training

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Slide 1 of 7: ADA Live! WADA Produced by the Southeast ADA Center, A member of the ADA National Network.
Slide 2 of 7: National ADA Symposium: June 15-18, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. 17th Annual Conference on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Hosted by: ADA National Network, Great Plains ADA Center, Rocky Mountain ADA Center
Slide 3 of 7: ADA National Network: Information, Guidance and Training on the Americans with Disabilities Act at 1-800-949-4232 [voice/tty]
Slide 4 of 7: Disability History Exhibit - a look at the ongoing revolution of disability from 3500BC through 2005.Hosted by: Disability Rights and Resources. The Power of Hope and Freedom.
Slide 5 of 7: NEW! ADA Headliner E-Newsletter from the Southeast ADA Center.
Slide 6 of 7: NEW! Case Law/Legal Briefs from the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) Legal Team and Southeast ADA Center
Slide 7 of 7: Day in Student Life  - A Public Service Announcement from the ADA National Network

2. National ADA Symposium

A comprehensive conference
of cutting-edge, interactive
training on a wide-range of
topics, best practices and
implementation of the
Americans with Disabilities Act.

Early Registration Deadline: April 15

For More Information and Registration:

4. Disability History Exhibit

Panel installation that traces over 5000 years of disability.

March 6 May 9, 2014
Birmingham, Alabama
Disability Rights & Resource

Listen: Mobile Audio Tour Disability History Exhibit

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News: Disability History Exhibit

5. ADA Headliner April 2014 Newsletter

Get your news and resources
on disability topics & the ADA!

April 2014 ADA Headliner Newsletter

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6. NEW! Case Law

Houston v. Marod Supermarkets
Keywords: place of public accommodation,
injunctive relief

Summers v. Altarum Institue, Inc.
Keyword: temporary disability

Owusu-Ansah v. Coca-Cola, Co.
Keywords: medical examinations, business necessity

Argenyi v. Creighton University
Keywords: ADA Title III, Section 504
auxiliary aids and services

View More & Search: Case Law/Legal Briefs

7. Video: Day in Student Life

An accessible campus opens the doors to higher education for people with disabilities.

Watch on YouTubeDay in Student Life

For More Information:

ADA National Network
1-800-949-4232 [voice/tty]

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  1. ADA Live! Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio
  2. National ADA Symposium 2014
  3. NEW! from ADA National Network
  4. Disability History Exhibit
  5. NEW! ADA Headliner E-Newsletter
  6. NEW! Case Law/Legal Briefs from the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) Legal Team and Southeast ADA Center
  7. Day in Student Life - Watch the Story on YouTube

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